Apple & Sloe Jelly

sloe and apple jelly

Every year our garden produces abundant amount of sloe berries. For the last 14 years or so, every autumn, I have been making sloe gin (here is Jamie Oliver's recipe). This is a great winter warmer drink, or I sometimes use a little of it in fruit salad for extra flavour .

I had always thought that there must be something else that I could do with sloe berries. This year, I finally got round to doing some research and came across this recipe for Bramley apple and sloe berries jelly. I LOVE IT... I cannot believe how delicious this jelly is. The taste is very similar to apple and blackberry. It is lovely on fresh bread or toast. I don't think the 6 jars that I made will last for too long. I have a feeling it will be nice with roast salmon and other types of meat. But I have not tried it yet.